Bollywood Fitness

Bollywood Fitness

Starting in August 2021

Bollyfit is a 60 minute mid to high intensity dance cardio workout, designed to leave you feeling fit and fabulous.

Bollyfit harnesses the spirit and energy of Mumbai’s vibrant dance culture, where dance is inextricably linked with the city’s riotous aspiration, its love of romance, its dramatic sense of pathos, its mutinous mischief. The class starts with an active warm up to a medley of Bollywood tunes, followed by 10-12 catchy songs, all with simple choreography designed to give your members a high-energy cardio workout. Dance is about having fun and feeling sexy as well as getting a great workout. We want every member to feel the flavour and energy of Bollywood dance culture, and come away feeling refreshed, enthralled and fabulous.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 6.45-7.45pm

Instructor: Vidhi

Fee: £10 per class 

Venue: Marylebone School

Directions: Come to the large grey gate that leads directly onto the astroturf. This gate is on Marylebone High Street directly opposite the junction with Beaumont Street. Press the buzzer on the intercom for access, although as you are a new client the site-keeper will be around at the gate at the beginning of your hire period to direct people.

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