Classes & Courses

Classes & Courses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) Can I drop-in or do I have to enrol for a specific period? 

  • Yes, you can drop-in if you suddenly feel like giving a go at Bollywood Dancing! The classes are drop-in but we highly recommend informing us at least 30 mins before a session so we can get organized.

2) Fees? 

  • The fees varies between the different studios-
  • Pineapple Studios : £4 (studio fee upon arrival) + £6 to the instructor before class begins. (£10)
  • Danceworks: £5(studio fee upon arrival) + £7 to the instructor before class begins.
  • Please note that we accept cash only.

3) What do I wear?

  • Comfortable tracks/leggings and t-shirts ; general work out clothes.
  • You can choose to be barefoot or wear trainers depending on your comfort level.

4) What’s the routine like? Can I cope with the level?

  • We use a different routine every week to bring about variety and absolute beginners are welcome. If you’ve never taken part in any kind of dance before, you could take up a private class with us before joining the group, but that’s not mandatory at all!

5) How do I become a member?

  • Please note that membership is only with the studios where the classes take place (Pineapple Studios & Danceworks) so if you wish to choose either of these particular locations, you can become a member with them and attend our classes.