Wedding Medleys – Sangeet Choreography

Wedding Medleys – Sangeet Choreography

Looking for the perfect gift for the bride and groom? Why not surprise them with a dance performance at one of the wedding functions? We have choreographed and taught for numerous occasions whether you want to perform a solo routine, duet or group dance, we can provide the lessons. The A.B. team can create a medley so you can have a mix of all the couples favorite songs. If you don’t have any songs in mind, let us know and we can suggest some!

We charge for sessions on an hourly basis based upon the number of persons involved:

£65 for one to one sessions

£80 for 2 people

£90 for 3-8 persons

£100 for bigger groups.

We also offer a COMPLETE PACKAGE of £850 for 10 hours of rehearsals  for larger groups (excluding studio charges if applicable)

£425 for 5 hours of rehearsals for larger groups (excluding studio charges if applicable)

Please email us for packages for smaller groups if you require a minimum of 5 hours.

Click here to see some recent wedding choreography: