Latest Trends of Bollywood Dance & Sangeet Performances

Weddings are no longer just about attire, jewellery and rituals. They are also about having fun, dancing your heart out, and the families as well as guests enjoying to the core, so much so, that Sangeet nights have become an integral part of all wedding ceremonies. As the prep begins, the first thing done by [...]

The Globalization of Bollywood Dance

Though the concept of ‘Bollywood Industry’ came into the picture somewhere around the 1970s, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it started creating its own distinct identity in other countries. Considering this situation, it isn’t surprising that until a couple of decades ago, the concept of Bollywood dance was unknown to most of the [...]

Must Know Bollywood Dance Moves for Boys

What makes Bollywood dance form the talk of the town is the eclectic mix of various steps! Bollywood dance classes all over the world struggle to keep up with the various forms and styles of Bollywood dance as they try to teach the students the best steps to match the filmy tunes. Unlike the popular [...]

5 Things You Should Consider Before Picking The Perfect Bollywood Dance

Eager to get started with your Bollywood Dance lessons? You should be, because Bollywood dance is one of the most versatile and energetic dance forms in the world! First Bollywood dance in London? Don’t worry, Absolute Bollywood is here to help. Here is the list of 5 things you should consider before picking the perfect [...]

Bollywood Hen Party

Glamorous, fun, energetic, and vibrant - Bollywood Hen Parties are perfect to enjoy a wonderful day with your girlfriends before your wedding day! In a typical Bollywood-themed Hen Party,the participants are provided Indian costumes and accessories so that all the girls dress up in Bollywood style and learn entertaining Bollywood dance moves from the films. [...]

Bollywood Songs That Rocked The Dancefloor

“Thoda senti sa hoke, thoda mental sa hoke... saare, saare... let’s nacho!” screams Siddharth Malhotra, grooving to the beats of the hit song ‘Let’s Nacho’ from the movie Kapoor & Sons. The song, a typical party anthem comprising of peppy beats, crazy lyrics, and rap, set fire to the dance floor immediately after its release [...]