Latest Trends of Bollywood Dance & Sangeet Performances

Weddings are no longer just about attire, jewellery and rituals. They are also about having fun, dancing your heart out, and the families as well as guests enjoying to the core, so much so, that Sangeet nights have become an integral part of all wedding ceremonies. As the prep begins, the first thing done by the couple is to Google ‘dance classes near me’ and enrol for a choreography lesson! Here are some of the latest trends of Bollywood Dance & Sangeet Performances-

A story through the moves

A classic way to kick off the Sangeet ceremony is to choregraph a dance that tells the story of the couple. There are quite a few dance classes in London which help the couple or the close friends of the couple to perform a medley of Bollywood songs with moves that depict the bride and groom’s love story.

A well-choreographed sequence

It goes without saying that not all dance performances on the Sangeet night can be impromptu. The function needs at least a few well-choreographed sequence in which the performers creates the desired impact on the audience and gets them clapping hard. Though this takes a lot of practice, co-ordination, and hard work, the applause that you get at the end makes it worth it. Not sure about how to perform a well-choreographed sequence? Just search for some dance classes near me and enrol for a choreography session right away!

Mixing it up

With boys dancing on item songs to girls hogging the limelight with role reversal dances such as the one in ‘Gulabo’ song that saw Aliaa Bhatt dressing up like a guy and grooving to the beats, it’s time to Mix it up! Say bye-bye to cliché performances and do something Hatke like enrolling your partner for belly dancing classes in London and surprising the audience with a Belly Dance routine!

Obviously, Bollywood Night

A sure-fire way to make your Sangeet night the most memorable one is by keeping the theme as Bollywood Night. Rock the dancefloor with these exciting beats, Bollywood Numbers, and dialogues to get the party started! Dance classes in London offer exclusive Bollywood dance trainings and modules, both short-term as well as long-term. Make the most of these crash courses and prepare a filmy, up-beat dance routine for your Sangeet night which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Romantic couple dances never go out of style

Every sangeet function is incomplete without a beautiful, romantic dance by the bride and groom. Just check the list of dance classes near me and you will find almost every dance studio provides an option of learning and choreographing a special, romantic sequence for the sangeet night.

So, these are some of our favourite Sangeet trends that will rule the weddings in the months to come. Contact any of the dance classes in London to start your prep and don’t forget to tell us which one you loved the most!

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