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Asian & Indian Wedding Dancers in London

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - Indian Dancers for Weddings in London - Performance Packages Wedding Picture Cover - Indian Dancers for Weddings in London - Performance Packages

Indian Dancers for Weddings in London - Performance Packages

Bollywood dance performances are the perfect way to complete any wedding! We offer visually stunning and entertaining performance packages as well as tailor-made shows so do let us know exactly what you are after so we can create the most suitable entertainment for your special day. We can incorporate routines to your favourite Bollywood songs, Indian classics or just simply dazzle you with our own highly rated dance sets.

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - Indian Wedding Dancers for Bollywood Hen Parties Wedding Picture Cover - Indian Wedding Dancers for Bollywood Hen Parties

Indian Wedding Dancers for Bollywood Hen Parties

The best hen party ideas often involve a fun workshop with our experienced and friendly Absolute Bollywood instructors. Our hen party workshops are the perfect way to bring everyone together before the bride’s big day! Whether you would all like a short routine you can perform at the wedding or you just want to have a laugh while learning something new and creating some fun memories with your loved ones, our Indian dancers can tailor this to suit you.

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - First Dance Wedding Picture Cover - First Dance

First Dance

Create a memorable dance for your special day to share with those closest to you. Whether you are a complete beginner or at an advanced level our wedding first dance lessons can help create the perfect choreography to suit your needs. We specialise in teaching Bollywood but also can create a mix that incorporates your favourite songs whatever genre they are.

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - Asian Wedding Medley Dancers Wedding Picture Cover - Asian Wedding Medley Dancers

Asian Wedding Medley Dancers

Your vision, our choreography. Personalised mixes with the couples memorable tracks. Our Asian wedding dancers specialise in teaching choreography to individuals or groups and can either suggest songs or work with your favorites.

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - Dancefloor Moves Wedding Picture Cover - Dancefloor Moves

Dancefloor Moves

Learning how to hear the beat, how to adapt to different styles and generally feel comfortable dancing! - Make the dance floor your runway

Absolute Bollywood Weddings - Wedding Extras Wedding Picture Cover - Wedding Extras

Wedding Extras

We know you want to have every last detail of your wedding entertainment covered. The Absolute Bollywood team can also help you organise the finer details of your special day. From dhol players to mehndi artists we have scoured and vetted the top wedding and entertainment providers in the country to supply you with those little extras that make all the difference.